To help you get started the business owner Lindsay will come and meet you to establish your needs, she will provide a quote for how many hours it should take.  You can decide straight away, or have a think over, but should you decide to free up your time we will allocate one of the team to get you started!  The team are all trustworthy individuals who understand it is a big decision to have someone in your home and they are respectful of this.  They are known for their consistancy and high standards and you can be sure that whoever comes to your house will do a good job. We will make sure you get the best clean.

Depending on your plan every week/fortnight/four-weeks a cleaner will come to your house and hoover your floors, clean your surfaces, empty your bins and dust. Whatever you desire. We do what you can't. Hoover, dust and wash. 

When Lindsay meets with you she will advise on the number of hours required, the hourly rate for domestic cleaning is £12, and the number of hours vary depending on house size and requirements. If you are happy with the quote we then simply arrange a start date!


Once a week


Every other week


Every four weeks

Unlike many other providers we have no contracts. We work on a open, honest, working relationship and only charge you for the cleaning that has been completed. Payments are requested at the end of a calendar month and can be made directly into the business account or we accept cheques or cash if this is easier. We are very flexible and will always try our best to accommodate any requests.


If you have any enquiries please be sure to contact us or read our terms.


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Client Reviews

Just to let you know Sharon came on time and everything went well. She is pleasant, chatty and a good worker. We made a start on the cupboards and I am very pleased.

Jessie Johnston, Bathgate